Turquoise & Pearl Collection


Turquoise and pearl jewelry collection designed by Janet Deleuse.   .deleuse.com

Hand-cut Turquoise  stones in the bracelet  and earrings  from our  natural turquoise  rock, free of  matrix and inclusions, that is rare  and valuable.

Each setting is hand-fabricated in 18k gold with small diamonds on the sides of every link of the bracelet and in the hidden clasp.

Beautiful South Sea pearls top the tear-drop shaped turquoise for the earrings.

The large mabe pearl centers a circle of turquoise beads, hand-fabricated in 18k gold.

One of a kind collection designed by Janet Deleuse.    Shop the collection online deleuse.com
Ring: Turquoise and Mabe pearl set in 18k.
Bracelet: Turquoise and pearls in 18k
Earrings: Turquoise and 12.5mm pearls dangling

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