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Although the first diamonds were thought to have been discovered around 500BC, and Romans wore the rough crystals as talismans of strength, it was not until the middle ages that faceting of diamonds began.

 Due to the hardness of diamonds and the limited ability of tools, diamonds did not begin to have recognizable facet patterns until the 1500’s.  At that time, there was one common denominator the world over when it came to diamond cutting, no matter the facet arrangement, the mantra of the diamond cutter – “cut for maximum weight retention.”  That is until Mr. Lazare Kaplan came along.

As techniques and technology advanced so too, did diamond cutting.  In 1919 Lazare Kaplan was the first diamond cutter to adopt and perfect the American Ideal Cut.  As Lazare Kaplan beheld the beautiful diamond he declared he would no longer cut a diamond for maximum weight.  He would rather defy convention and cut his diamonds for beauty alone.  He would remove whatever rough necessary to unlock the ultimate hidden beauty within each diamond.

Thus the art of diamond cutting was born.  Mr. Lazare Kaplan was a visionary and a revolutionary.  He single handedly changed the diamond industry by never conceding  from his belief that diamonds cut for beauty are more valuable than those  which are cut for weight alone.

“I am passionate about cutting each diamond as beautifully as possible.” –    Mr. Lazare Kaplan

Today, the Company remains dedicated to cutting the world’s most beautiful diamonds, and continues to maintain the highest standards in the diamond industry, cutting every Lazare Diamond for optimal brilliance, scintillation and fire.

Lazare Kaplan International Inc. partnership with Deleuse Jewelers is proud to continue the legacy of Lazare Kaplan, the originator of the ideal cut diamond.

The Lazare Diamond® – The world’s most beautiful diamond® 

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