The French Blue Book Review

Where did the Hope Diamond come from?  Originally named “The French Blue”, the steely grey-blue diamond draws the largest crowd at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.

Richard W. Wise tells the mystery of the origin of this famous diamond in his illustrated novel about the travels of the French gem merchant, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier.  Traveling in the 17th century to Persia and India by ships, camels, oxen, horses, foot and different types of rigged canoes, to purchase the best quality pearls, diamonds and gemstones in the world.

A true story woven with fiction brings his six voyages up close and personal—as if you’re walking through the forest, rolling on the rough seas and negotiating with powerful Persian Princes and Indian Moguls.  Surviving the ‘laws of the jungle’ and escaping each time to return to a Paris that has changed in his absence, Jean-Baptiste then learns to navigate the rules of the Cardinals and the French Royalty in Paris.

Jean-Baptiste Tavernier’s journey of forty years told by Richard Wise would make an excellent movie!

Janet Deleuse

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