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  • July Birthstone - Ruby

    July Birthstone – Ruby

    In 1560 Benvenuto Cellini stated  ” the price of ruby was eight times that of diamond.”  And today, ruby remains the most expensive gemstone, in sizes over three carats, rivaling the price of diamond.  Wearing a ruby was said to preserve the health of the wearer […]

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  • January Birthstone, Garnet

        Janet Deleuse Designer Garnet and Fire Opal Jewelry Resembling pomegranate seeds—the little red gems were named from the Latin word, ‘Granatum.’ The gemstone Garnet is most commonly known as deep red stones with a hint of orange/brownish tones that are typically set in antique floret […]

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  • Ruby Engagement Set

       PLEASE VISIT DELEUSE.COM TO SHOP ONLINE Ruby and diamond engagement set 1.30 ctS. heart shaped gem quality ruby .55ct F color VS clarity diamonds Hand-fabricated in platinum  Interlocking diamond band One of a kind design by Janet Deleuse  –

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