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  • June Birthstone – Pearl

    PLEASE VISIT DELEUSE.COM TO SHOP ONLINE The legends of pearls have been spoken about since antiquity.  In Persian mythology, pearls were treasured as one of the most valuable of all gems, and regarded as “tears of the Gods.”  The Chinese believed that pearls were jewels […]

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  • Pearls

    Legends of Pearls are as old as history itself.  In Persian mythology pearls were regarded as the “tears of the gods”. The Chinese believed that pearls were jewels in the sea and grew by the power of the moonlight.  In ancient Rome, they were a […]

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  • Deleuse Fine Jewelry

    Deleuse Fine Jewelry

    Exclusive Fine Jewelry   Shop the Janet Deleuse Fine Jewelry Collection online… Graduated Flawless white South Sea Pearls with a white gold & diamond clasp Tanzanite, Diamond and South Sea Pearl Earrings in 18k yellow gold, Janet Deleuse Design 10.3 carat  Tanzanite with 1.60 carat […]

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  • Coco Chanel, Man Ray & Pearls

    Coco Chanel, Man Ray and Pearls

    Christian Dior said “ Coco Chanel revolutionized fashion with a black pullover and ten strings of pearls.”  Chanel opened her salon  in 1911 in Paris on the rue de Cambon and  transformed haute couture with simply cut clothes and outrageous accessories – it was her […]

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