South Sea Golden Pearls

The rarest of all pearls, cultured in the oceans from Burma to the coasts of Australia and to French Polynesia, are from the  oyster,
Pinctada Maxima.   Commonly known as the yellow lip oyster (or gold lip), this very large oyster produces yellow to golden colored pearls.
Deep golden  pearls that are perfectly round without markings or ‘flaws’ are the most expensive of all pearls because of their rarity.
Each oyster can produce a maximum of up to four pearls ranging in sizes from 8mm to 18mm with the cultivation time of one to two years — very few produced will have a strong golden color and of gem quality.
This 32 ½” strand of flawless and the perfectly matched seventy six pearls range from 10mm to 10.9mm are true gems.   The 18k gold clasp has full cut round 2.07ct. VS quality diamonds.
Only one strand available,  $35,000- SOLD
The custom ring, designed by Schoeffel Pearls, resembles a clam shell with a total of 2.46 carats of yellow, golden and orange sapphires paved in 18k yellow gold  with a 12mm gem  golden south sea pearl in the center.   The edge  of the ring is paved with .12 carats of diamonds.
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