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“Classic Endless” style Diamond Engagement Ring in platinum,  center diamond   1.50 ct. E-SI  Perfect cut by Lazare  purchase in our store or online

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O-RIG-I-NAL: “Preceding all others in time: First”

George Washington, the Wright Brothers, Neil Armstrong, Coca Cola, The Lazare Diamond.  What do all of these have in common?  They were the first, the original.

The Lazare Diamond®—The World’s Most Beautiful Diamond®, had an extraordinary beginning.  The story of how Lazare Kaplan became a master cutter and first began cutting diamonds to ideal proportions and all the subsequent “firsts” in the history of Lazare Kaplan International Inc. (LKI) are the points of differentiation that set The Lazare Diamond apart from every other diamond on the market today.

Over the past 10 to 15 years, there has been a growing awareness and appreciation of the quality of a diamond’s cut.  Debates rage as to what is the optimal way to cut a diamond and how this standard is to be measured.  There are a handful of purported ideal cut diamonds available on the market today.  Some labeled as brands tout their ability to cut “hearts and arrows” and still others rely on reports and/or special viewing devices to show the beauty of their diamonds.  The Internet and retail “discounters” have jumped on the bandwagon and are selling diamonds of ever-widening proportion parameters as “ideal cuts.”  Consumers are confused and frustrated by competing claims and conflicting information about how to choose the “best” diamond.

Amid all the commotion, there is one company that has been quietly cutting diamonds for optimal brilliance, scintillation and fire  – the factors that account for a diamond’s beauty – for over 85 years.  Lazare Kaplan International Inc. is the originator of the ideal cut diamond and has set the standard by which all other ideal cuts have been measured.  Lazare Kaplan, the company’s founder, said, “I am passionate about cutting each diamond as beautifully as possible.”  And this has been the overriding mission on which Lazare Kaplan International Inc. has been built and dedicated to since the first ideal cut diamond was fashioned.  There are many imitators, but The Lazare Diamond will always remain the original ideal cut diamond™.

Lazare Kaplan International Inc. Inc. has been cutting diamonds to the most stringent standards to maximize beauty since the conception of ideal proportions.  LKI has maintained these standards throughout their history.  LKI has set the standard for diamond beauty that every other diamond cutter may try to duplicate or appropriate as their own.  But there can only be one original, only one standard setter, only one leader who lights the way for others to follow– and that leader is Lazare Kaplan International Inc.

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