Coco Chanel’s first collection of haute joaillerie debut 1932

Esprit lumineux 1932:

The sky above the Champs-Élysées is the coup de foudre that inspired Coco Chanel’s first jewelry collection of fine jewelry in 1932.  Displayed on manaquins in the hotel lobby, and like her haute coutre–it was an immediate success story.  A true artist –her hats, clothes and jewelry were ‘out of the box’ creative, simple –yet sophisticated.  Janet Deleuse

Gabrielle Chanel wanted her first collection of jewelry blanche as much as her petites robes were noires. A sidereal, cosmic white, the aura of planets, stars and comets in the form of chokers, pendants, brooches, diadems. And not only. The collection Bijoux de diamants, dated November 1932, was soft, easy to wear and above all changeable.

Elisabetta Caprotti, Vogue Italia, May 2012, n. 741, p. 88

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