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  • November Birthstone – Topaz

    The old Sanskrit word “tapas,” or fire, is the root word from which the modern name Topaz is derived.  Red Topaz is one of the most rare color of all the colorful topaz gemstones therefore it is extremely valued. The largest faceted red topaz found […]

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  • October Birthstone – Opal

    PLEASE VISIT DELEUSE.COM TO SHOP ONLINE Is it true that wearing an opal will bring bad luck if it’s not your birthstone?  Apparently not– derived from the Latin word for precious stone, the gemstone opal has been revered and worn since ancient times. In ancient […]

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  • September Birthstone is Sapphire

    Janet Deleuse Fine Sapphire Jewelry Featured   PLEASE VISIT DELEUSE.COM TO SHOP ONLINE Sapphires, christened, “the gem of soul and autumn” — a fitting name for the September’s birthstone.   Ancient writings revealed that wearing a sapphire would  “protect the person from envy and helping […]

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  • August Birthstone-Peridot

    August Birthstone – Peridot


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  • July Birthstone - Ruby

    July Birthstone – Ruby

    In 1560 Benvenuto Cellini stated  ” the price of ruby was eight times that of diamond.”  And today, ruby remains the most expensive gemstone, in sizes over three carats, rivaling the price of diamond.  Wearing a ruby was said to preserve the health of the wearer […]

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  • June Birthstone – Pearl

    PLEASE VISIT DELEUSE.COM TO SHOP ONLINE The legends of pearls have been spoken about since antiquity.  In Persian mythology, pearls were treasured as one of the most valuable of all gems, and regarded as “tears of the Gods.”  The Chinese believed that pearls were jewels […]

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  • May Birthstone – Emerald

    Dedicated to the goddess Venus, emerald is symbolic for immortality and faith. Emerald represented resurrection to the early Christians.  In the eleventh century Marbode wrote that emerald improves memory, eloquence and can bring joy to its wearer . Pilny described that emeralds were recommended for […]

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  • What are Diamonds?

    There truly is no sparkle like the sparkle of a crystal clear diamond. The birthstone for the month of April, diamond wearing is definitely not reserved for April babies only!   We wear them as symbols of love and devotion, they represent wealth and power […]

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