A Sixties Touch— A comeback for psychedelic colors and very bold stones

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From Online Vogue, Vogue Gioiello, Blogger:  Jewels conceived as pure décor have a natural connection to the 1960s and send one back to Swinging London and the Beatles era.

Large colored stones are the undisputed protagonists of brooches, bracelets, collars and cocktail rings that can be worn in large quantities without skimping on overlaps, combinations and exaggerations.

The positive attitude that is projected towards the peculiar future of the period is translated into a taste for colorful and very bold ornaments.

Even basic rules are being thrown out. Brooches are no longer only worn on lapels but can decorate hats and purses. They can also run down long gloves and can be pinned to shoes as their central motif.

Published:   07/30/2012

Janet Deleuse

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