2,000 year old bracelet from a West Highland estate

lyon-1EDINBURGH.- The extensive collection of the late Simon John Noble, the laird of Ardkinglas House and Estate in Argyllshire, and, perhaps most notably, the founder of ‘Loch Fyne Oysters’ and ‘Loch Fyne Restaurants’, will be sold by Lyon & Turnbull at their Interiors Auction on the 25th January 2014.

One of the more remarkable items in the collection is a 2,000 year old necklace valued at £1,200-1,800. Theo Burrell Antiques Specialist at Lyon & Turnbull said “This is surely one of the many interesting things from the collection of the late Simon John Noble, is one of my favourite items in the sale.

It is a wonderful piece which highlights the versatility of jewellery as a subject of interest, proving that jewellery isn’t something which is only to be worn but can be a beautiful ornament or decoration in its own right. The fish, though naively done, still have a great aesthetic appeal which has much resonance within the Noble collection, whose owner was the founder of Loch Fyne oysters, just another layer to its already rich story.” She continued “For a piece with such age it is unbelievable that the item still looks so current and wearable, and I think as an ornament or round someone’s neck, it would be an interesting talking point in anyone’s home. It is remarkable that something which is over 2,000 years old can be found at auction at £1,200-£1,800.”

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